There Is One Left

There Is One Man Left

Banjo is a patriot and new breed politician who, like most of us, is tired with Nigeria’s developmental problems; but unlike many people, has decided to do something about it by returning home from abroad to fight for the people. In a sea of greedy politicians, Lanre Banjo steps out as one man who will really serve his people.

A social democrat who aspires to the position of Governor of Ogun State, Banjo was a close confidant of the late activist, Gani Fawehinmi, and was deeply passionate about transformation in Nigeria. Ogbeni has had the untiring interest of the common man at heart for many years. It was in response to one of his mind-provoking letters to the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, that he was addressed as “ogbeni,” meaning “Mr.” in Yoruba – a name that has since stuck. Ogbeni Banjo has not relented in organizing for transformation and conceiving solutions to multifarious problems, a lifelong pre-occupation that has now led him to rally well-meaning people to think for once that it is possible to transform Nigeria, one candidate at a time until the political landscape is reflective of the people’s will and aspirations.

Many of us have given up hope that Nigeria can be changed. It times at times like this that we need reach deep into our souls, have a belief in our future, then look among ourselves who will bear the touch for us. Ogbeni Banjo has offered himself to fight the necessary fight, but he cannot do much, except with the support of people of goodwill.  He has participated in gubernatorial elections in 2003 and 2007 in Nigeria under the canopy of the National Conscience Party of the late Chief Fawehinmi, an experience that has enriched his understanding of the political environment, refocused his mind on what our society needs to become great and informed him about the need to get the support of those who are desirous and capable of enthroning change. Today, he has decided that all his lofty plans begin with getting your support. He is requesting that you send him. He is ready. Will you send him?

You are, perhaps, wondering why you should support Lanre Banjo. You may be asking why he is any different from the rest of the deeply mistrusted Nigerian political class. You may also be asking why you should support Lanre Banjo when you are not from Ogun State, or even Nigeria.

Ogbeni Banjo is one of the very few honest, principled and visionary public servants that can be found. There are not many with a clear vision of what it takes to change a society for the better, an awareness to elevate the dignity of the black race and a readiness to stake a life of relative comfort on the harsh and potentially dangerous political climate in Nigeria, particularly in Ogun State. He has been offered various political appointments since 2003 in Nigeria by the greedy and corrupt political office holders, but he has refused to join in the continued looting of the nation.  Lanre Banjo will not sell his soul. Having worked with several politicians in the United States, he has acquired ideas and experience that would guide him to succeed in Nigeria. Ogbeni Banjo ponders the festering problems in Nigeria, the overwhelming failure to effect socio-economic development and how these problems reflect adversely on all black people around the world. His vision is to create an environment in the country that is conducive for business for all black people anywhere they come from. It is his belief that when people see that something works, they will duplicate it and in the process create a pandemic economic awakening that starts from Nigeria.

It will be difficult, if not impossible, to realize this dream without support. The Nigerian political scene is filled with those spending large sums of stolen funds. While Ogbeni Banjo will not join them in buying votes, he has carefully thought out ways by which he can get his message of hope and transformation to the people. Considering his modest means, Lanre Banjo has called out to all of us, who want change like he does, to support him. By supporting the campaign, you will be saving Ogun State, Nigeria and the black race, one candidate at a time. This will only be the beginning, the success that you ensure with Banjo will spread.

I ask that you join this historic move. Let us join hands to raise leaders we can trust to restore Nigeria, starting from Ogun State. Political candidacy has never been organized this way before in Nigeria. Since we are talking about transformation, there has to be changes in ways by which we get people to power. It starts with what each of us can do.

We urge you to enable us to wage a strong, vigorous and successful campaign against those with almost limitless looted public funds he will be contesting against. Our plan is to use innovative campaign strategies, involving modern technology and an army of volunteers at the grassroots. We need to begin to spread the message now. With your moral, material and financial support, who says it can’t be done? Of course, it can be done. It will be done. It must be done.

Thank you.

Lanre Banjo Campaign for Governor