1000 club

It takes extraordinary efforts to achieve extraordinary results. If we, as patriots, decide to exercise our power by making tangible contributions to the political system, politicians will no longer be able to use stolen wealth to buy electoral victory. That time has come for responsible citizens to begin working hard to ensure that a caring and visionary servant of the people gets to power.  Let’s drop mere talk; let’s begin to act.

Our campaign has decided to take the lead on responsible politics by offering to organise with complete reliance on the people every step of the way, to demonstrate the true meaning of democracy – government of the people, by the people, for the people. We realise this is an unusual political strategy in Nigeria, but accept that we have to blaze the painful trail in transforming our society.

Every citizen or friend is given the opportunity to be fully involved in our campaign process, completely removing cash-for-vote and ushering a new era where the people will have a strong stake in the administration that will result from their participation.

To ensure a vibrant and healthy campaign, we need a minimum 1000 people to join our team. Each of these team players who may not be able to be on the ground themselves but have the conviction will be in various Committees and help with fundraising, investment, programs, among others.

We understand that being a sponsor or worker is a major transformation of the political system, where politicians rather dole out stolen money than ask to be sponsored. However, Ogbeni Lanre Banjo is aspiring to transform the State and the country, not just after he becomes governor.  We have no doubt that if you will commit to our campaign the requisite resources, power will come to the people and a warning will ring through the nation that the people have decided to use their power. It will make the beginning of the transformation we have been yearning for.

Our Campaign sponsors will receive updates and would be allowed to become members of the various Campaign Committees that will be formed, so that they can begin to exercise their stake.  When you sign up, please indicate your area of expertise or interest, where the Campaign can seek to involve you in this process of making history in Ogun State in 2011. Please join us now and get ready to win with us!

Thank you.

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Very respectfully,

The Committee to Elect Lanre Banjo Governor of Ogun State