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The Lanre Banjo for Governor Campaign Committee encourages those interested in our campaign to send us an email to register as volunteers.  

The Committee also has vacancy for various staff at the local, senatorial, and state levels.  Staff are required to submit Curriculum Vitae (CV). 

Volunteers need not submit CV.

Call or send email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please tell you in what capacity you would like to get involved. We are very interested in the following areas of involvement, but you can tell us how you will help.

Advertise Support with Window, Billboard, Street Sign or Bumper Sticker
Assist at Campaign Headquarters
Attend Campaign Rally
Campaign Door-to-Door
Campaign via Phone or Text Messaging
Host a Community Event
Host a Fundraiser
IT Support 
Register Voters
Volunteer on Election Day
Write Support Letters

In addition, we like to know your schedule, tell us about your availability. Are you:

Weekday Afternoons
Weekday Evenings
Weekday Mornings

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