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On behalf of my team, I thank you for your interest and appreciate the honor of your visit. We hope you like our message and will encourage family, friends and colleagues to join us in our effort to bring good governance to the people of Ogun State. Over the years, I have prepared for public service and contested elections. And through those years, I have also been offered positions in government but I elected not to serve those special, self-serving interests that have hindered growth and progress. I resolved to stay the course by vying for the governorship of Ogun State out of my convinction that I have the ideas, ability and support necessary to bring the change the people deserve. 

The administrations that have sought my contributions were neither truly  democratic nor ready to deliver on campaign promises. For me, it is not about my ambition to become governor or occupy a public office. Rather, my desire has always been to find solutions to the hardships our people face and bequeath a prosperous future to our children.

Nigeria is a nation blessed with abundant natural and human resources, which have only been used to serve a few privileged individuals. Bad governance in Ogun State is, therefore, a reflection of a national crisis. The time has come for governments to take the initiative at the grassroots and change the nation from ground up. Time can no longer be wasted. Decent citizens need to get off the couch and work for change. It is time for Nigerians, wherever they may live, to take practical steps to secure the future of the common man and coming generations. It is time we begin to change the society one political entity at a time. It is the reason I am in politics. It is why I have decided to run for the Ogun State governorship. For how can we tell our children we saw these problems and did nothing? Something has to be done by honest and decent people.

The respect a nation enjoys, the influence it exerts, and the prestige accorded to it on the world scene, depend on two important factors: the size of its wealth and the caliber of its leadership. Granting an incorruptible, visionary, courageous, public-spirited, enlightened and dynamic leadership, the wealth of a nation is the fountain of its strength. A government that is peopled with known corrupt citizens and habitual criminals soaks its credibility at the outset. A government that is peopled with buyers of votes and crooks that forced themselves on the people does not derive its powers from people and would not possess the credibility to serve the people.  

Therefore, to prove to my constituents that my government will be a serious government with plans for far-reaching changes, all the officials shall be required to declare their assets by completing financial disclosure forms, which shall be investigated. Our government will enthrone a code of ethics for all office holders in the state that will enhance public confidence, and enforce the application of rule of law without fear or favor. Laws shall be made to discourage corruption, encourage transparency, accountability and reward integrity. The State Inland Revenue shall be reformed to further strengthen the financial disclosure forms and everyone including the governor would have to file income tax return by the end of June of the following calendar year. This would not only create jobs for accountants, it will create new professions in Ogun State and by default in the country.

In Nigeria, the salaries and the loot of the President, Vice President, Governors and Deputy Governors are exempt from income tax. I, as Governor, would submit a bill to the Ogun State Legislature to require the State governor and his deputy to pay income taxes. As Governor of Ogun state, I will establish an Industrial Revenue Bond Program which will be private activity bonds for which the principal and interest are payable solely from defined revenues of private entities. Organizations participating in this Conduit Debt Obligations Program will be allowed to borrow at the prevailing municipal bond rate because the activity will provide economic incentive to construct, modernize or enhance private entity facilities in Ogun State thereby supporting the State's economic base. For this to be possible, the credibility issue will be confronted frontally, courageously and with grim determination because an incredible government cannot guarantee a rate for private organizations. With this, the size of our wealth will be increased, the caliber of our leadership will be respected; the Black race will command some respect and would have no need to regret not being invited to a meeting of the nations of leading economies of the world waiting in the aisle to be called.

I have had the opportunity to make money in the criminal way the Nigerian elected and appointed officials make money by serving under the various governments, and I turned it down. For me, it is not about ambition, it is about finding succors to the pains of my fellow citizens; it is about lifting them up and it is about planning for the future of our children. My mission is not about unjustly enriching myself, it is about the dignity of the Black race; it is about enviable legacy that would make anyone associated with me to say "yes, I helped him to get elected." It is about a name that is enviably larger than life and it is a goal.  I believe in nourishing and pampering talents, caring less about where they come from and regardless of their color and national origin. I believe in using those talents it pleases God to endow Nigeria with to make us great and to accord anyone, especially our people in the Diaspora the hope that they can go and visit or reside in Nigeria without fear. 

In my pet view and humble opinion, the major causes of poverty in Nigeria, which affects the value of the black race anywhere in the world, are: the abject state of the ignorant ruling class of my dear country; their slavish and programmed default mode; their inertia through want of health, hatred, wasting and assassination of talents whose spirits have no basis to pray for the country. Other causes of poverty are the enslavement of the people's minds by peasantry, superstition, and admission of inferiority; their antiquated methods of cultivating agricultural or farmlands; as well as the progressive deterioration or loss of land fertility due to bad husbandry; and the slavish mentality that anything foreign is better than indigenous, even if it is politically engineered to destroy the naturally fertile land; and finally their hopelessly unorganized system of marketing the products of the governed. 

Our administration will mow down all these problems frontally by hiring the best in the world to orientate the masses and free their minds from the shackles of ignorance to make them feel that they are the best, and that everything made by them, and of them, is the greatest. Not only would my government induce state and federal governments to buy products made in Nigeria, we will invest in research and development to facilitate and stimulate the advancement of the superiority of any product made in the country.  Gone will be the days when Nigerians would derogatively say products made in Nigeria are so-called "Igbo products." My passion to help bring about a complete paradigm shift in our people’s approach to governing versus the potentially self-defeating attitudes of the governed in our society is my motivation and the reason why I’m aspiring to become the executive governor of Ogun State. It’s all about bringing credibility, dignity and honor into the process of governance. Your help in realizing this objective in Ogun State is desired and respectfully solicited!  Best regards, 

Your servant,

Ogbeni Lanre Banjo


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Since the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, Lanre Banjo has metamorphosed from a mere observer to an active participant in the political life of Nigeria. Read More
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