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Why I AspireTo Be Governor

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Ogun State is facing challenging times, mostly self-inflicted because dishonest politicians were allowed to impose their will and take the reins of government. The result is widespread insecurity, failure to deliver public services, corruption and an absolute breakdown of public law and order. These problems will not go away overnight, but will be tackled through a strong commitment to change and good leadership. Ogun State needs a leader ready to take on tough issues and fight against the interests that have caused the problems we face today.

I aspire to be the governor of Ogun State because I have committed my life to working for the common good, empowered by the unshaken faith that with God, nothing is impossible. We can change Nigeria, starting from Ogun State.


It is my firm belief that our state has resources in abundance to guarantee prosperous life for her citizens. I know for sure that the people of Ogun State are creative, hardworking and productive. And I have no doubt that with an equally hardworking and visionary political leadership Ogun State can indeed become the “Gateway” to economic wealth creation, employment opportunities generation and infrastructural developments in Nigeria.

If you work with me to win, I will lead efforts to invest heavily in the people, create vast opportunities for harnessing our potentials and make Ogun the reference for transparent leadership; where the government works in the interest of the people. Under my administration, the mantra will be People First. I will serve my people with honor, integrity and faithfulness.

Believe it that Nigeria can be a better place. But it would not be if we fold our arms and remain apolitical.  I, therefore, request you not just to believe in my ability to bring about transformation without violence, but I am requesting you to believe in your abiding faith that revolutionizing Nigeria stares us both in the face, and that it is a task which must be grimly pursued. I am requesting you to also have faith, not just in my determination to revolutionize Nigeria without violence; I am requesting you to exercise your own determination, guided by your faith that with God everything is possible, as you join with me to revolutionize Nigeria with your votes, financial assistance and by suggesting programs to our campaign.

The economic recession that engulfed the nations of the leading economies of the world has compelled many Nigerians living in the Western world not only to be deported to their country, but to return home unprepared.  Nigeria that was once ignored by many Nigerians abroad, most of who profoundly believed that anywhere is home, has now become a country that they had no choice but to return to.  Some naturalized Nigerians are being denaturalized for certain crimes and being deported back to Nigeria. Due to the fact that many have not lifted a finger to contribute to the development of the country, the consequence has been to return to the country much worse than they left it.  

Today, it is increasingly clear that home is home; even while the financial sustenance of many in this home still depends largely on the funds many of those overseas can send home from foreign lands. However, the survival signals of Nigerians at home that rely on the little being remitted are no longer strong enough because of global economic recession.  So, the lives of our elderly parents and other relatives who are in existence just waiting for the brutal hands of death to snatch them away are becoming miserable because the source of funds from abroad is being tinkered with by the current world recession.

Yet, those who were paupers before they became involved in Nigerian politics are boasting of millions and billions in their bank accounts.  Nature is compelling people in Nigerian government to say publicly that “we are all thieves in this assembly,” while the oppressed Nigerians are too weakened to fight back.  Essentially, the people are deliberately weakened by those in government who have failed in their duties to lead our people aright and prepare them for a better future.

Political assassination is on the rise throughout the nation; especially in Ogun State. No one knows whose child will be next. Fear of assassination is keeping Nigerians of great moral character and vision away from the corridor of governance.  Those illegally occupying positions of power are unable to retrieve the guns they distributed to steal ballot papers during the 2007 elections, while those benefiting from official looting are harassing those of us who are working hard for the greatness of the country.

The social vices plaguing Ogun State are many.  My plans to address them are equally many, but more importantly, will be targeted more towards real solutions. I need you to help actualize my plans. Please join with me and all other well-meaning people around the world, fighting to ensure that my candidacy matures into governorship. Let's be honest, the task is enormous. We will be taking on entrenched political interests and beneficiaries of a rotten system. But I have absolute faith that I am not alone in wanting to bring meaningful change to the system. I am encouraged by the financial and moral support of people who have urged me on in this arduous task. I am motivated to march on, and win in an astounding style in 2011.

We cannot wait till 2011 to begin the fight because there is much to be done. We have to plan much ahead and anticipate the success that is coming. Every little contribution counts. Join my campaign to bring back prosperity, honesty, opportunities, respect for life and good governance to the people of Ogun State. Your contributions are appreciated. I thank you for your help.


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Very truly yours,


Ogbeni Lanre Banjo




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