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Just as in other parts of Nigeria, Ogun State faces monumental challenges and difficult choices. Your choice in the next election on who governs Ogun State will determine the future of the state, particularly the fate of the coming generation.

Such a heavy decision should be informed, calculated and made with expectations that are realistic. You cannot once again vote a candidate who will loot your funds and leave you worse than you were. Ogun State cannot afford to make the wrong choice.  Visionary and honest leadership from Lanre Banjo is just what our state needs now, both for progress and survival. The implications of a wrong choice are too serious to even consider.

The bid to usher a new day in Ogun State first, and other parts of Nigeria, is only possible when patriotic citizens begin to provide support to candidates that represent their collective aspirations. Have no doubt, the looters will rob you if you don't support the ones you prefer. A little donation here, a little donation there; and we will have enought to face the corrupt politicians in battle.

Please make a donation today and help insure that Lanre Banjo is a strong candidate to bring change to the Ogun Statehouse.

All contributions are processed through a secure connection.

Contributions to Lanre Banjo's campaign are not tax deductible.


About Lanre Banjo

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Since the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, Lanre Banjo has metamorphosed from a mere observer to an active participant in the political life of Nigeria. Read More
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Plan for Senior Citizens

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Our food, transportation, water, housing, education and telecommunications programmes will transform Ogun State so fundamentally that the whole nation will learn from us.